Policy, research and education to help Portland thrive

Doing what it takes to support Portland—and getting results

The Portland Metro Chamber supports Portland’s business community, and the Portland community-at-large, by advancing policy, sharing information, and helping professionals grow as civic leaders.

Public Policy

The Chamber works to shape local, regional, state, and federal policy in areas most impactful to our community.

Led by our members, we tackle issues that affect how business is done in Portland: taxes, transportation, workforce development, land use, and more. We also build broad coalitions to address Portland’s livability challenges: housing, homelessness, climate change, and government accountability.

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Chamber CEO Andrew Hoan talks at a press conference announcing the a new Retail and Property Crime Task Force in Multnomah County.

Research and Economic Development

The Chamber regularly publishes data-driven research for identifying barriers and highlighting economic growth opportunities in the Portland metro region. We also commission independent polling across the region to help gauge public sentiment and inform policy discussions.

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Professional Development

When our business community is strong, we all win. And a capable, competitive workforce begins building the skills and knowledge of professionals throughout the Portland region. Whether you are an entrepreneur expanding a business, or a professional looking to become more engaged in the Rose City, the Chamber is a great forum for professional growth opportunities.

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