Policy Agenda

Education and Career Readiness

Everyone wins when we invest in education

Education is the cornerstone of a strong economy, fueling innovation, productivity, and competitiveness. By equipping individuals with knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities, we develop a highly skilled workforce that can adapt to the evolving demands of the job market. A well-educated population attracts investments, drives economic growth, and fosters a prosperous society for all.

Education and Career Readiness Priorities

1. Expand access to technology in schools

  • Support investments to ensure universal access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at all levels of education, especially full funding for Measure 98.
  • Ensure that career pathway programs include digital literacy for all students and provide technology options such as coding, engineering, and computer science.

2. Create equitable access to education throughout the region

  • Support Multnomah County and other local governments’ work to make preschool available for all families.
  • Partner with local school districts to connect businesses with students for real-world learning opportunities with CTE and STEAM programs.
  • Support and continue strategies to reduce disparities in exclusionary discipline and increase attendance in public schools.

3. Increase funding for all levels of education

  • Advocate for the transparent and accountable implementation of Oregon’s Student Success Act. Advocate for our region’s school districts to work with the business community to develop their community-needs analysis and
    implementation plans.
  • Advocate for increased funding for higher education to freeze or lower the cost of tuition.
  • Support the renewed effort to secure passage of a facilities bond for Mt. Hood Community College.

Education and Career Readiness Committee

Open to all Chamber members, this committee examines public policy proposals related to all levels of the education continuum, with a focus on K-12, CTE/STEM, post-secondary, and workforce development.

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