Policy Agenda

Federal Policy

Advancing a regional plan for the Pacific Northwest

Since 2022, the Portland Metro Chamber and Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce have collaborated to develop shared federal policy priorities addressing common challenges in the Pacific Northwest’s two largest urban centers.

The chambers jointly advance this federal agenda to the Biden Administration and Congress. While these advocacy priorities are notable to the flagship cities of the Pacific Northwest, we know solving challenges in our cities will improve the prosperity of the entire Pacific Northwest.

Federal Policy Priorities

1. Keeping commerce moving safely along the I-5 corridor

  • Advocate for federal funding to help deliver on the critical I-5 Bridge replacement project
  • Advocate for funding for the Cascadia High Speed Rail initiative.

2. Increase access to affordable housing and houseless services

  • Expand programs and tax incentives for building low-and-middle-income housing and support funding of services to help those experiencing houselessness, including, but not limited to Continuum of Care Program, Emergency Shelter and Navigation Service Grants, Emergency Solutions Grants, and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program.

3. Promote racial equity

  • Support ongoing SBA funding for NAMCOregon and BBOA to fund their groundbreaking regional Black economic development programs.

4. Expand global market access for our companies

  • Advocate for policies that will free up the global supply chain, and increase access and lower the cost of materials.

5. Support downtown rebuilding and urban core enhancements

  • Support Revitalizing Downtowns Act and other incentives to convert office space to housing.

6. Increase access to higher education and workforce training

  • Provide funding to incentivize workforce development at the state level through vocational or employer sponsored training programs.
  • Support Pell Grant expansion and reform

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