2022 January Forum: Portland’s Next Construction Boom

January 2022

PDX is in the midst of a massive expansion. The I-5 Columbia Crossing and Rose Quarter projects, with funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, represent a generational investment in our region’s transportation system. And the proposed re-development of the Broadway Corridor, OMSI District, and Lloyd Center are moving through the development pipeline.

The Portland Business Alliance kicks off 2022 with a panel discussion on the prospects and potential impact of these massive construction projects. What will it take to bring these projects to fruition? What are the economic and social benefits of construction? And what are stakeholders doing to ensure equity in project development to ensure we don’t repeat mistakes of the past? Representatives from the organizations driving these current and proposed construction projects share their insights on what could be a very exciting chapter in the construction of Portland.

This months panel of experts:
Alando Simpson, Owner/CEO, COR Recycling & Vice Chair, Oregon Transportation Commission
Kimberly Branam, Executive Director, Prosper Portland
Erin Graham, President & CEO, OMSI
Curtis Robinhold, Executive Director, Port of Portland
Greg Johnson, Program Coordinator, Interstate Bridge Replacement Program