2023 Regional Transportation Plan Adopted

December 2023

The Metro Council formally approved the 2023 Regional Transportation Plan on November 30th. This collaborative effort between the Portland Metro Chamber and Oregon Metro includes the High-Capacity Transit Strategy. The decision aligns with recommendations put forth by the Metro Policy Advisory Committee and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation.

This transportation blueprint outlines projects worth over $68 billion, channeling a significant portion—nearly two-thirds—toward upholding and managing the current transportation infrastructure. The remainder is earmarked to support around 700 novel projects from 2023 to 2045. Noteworthy components of this plan encompass substantial investments in the regional transportation network, serving as a boon to businesses and fostering economic support through:

  • Enhancements in high-capacity transit and expanded frequent bus services to forge robust links between people, jobs, and vital services.
  • Advancements in key projects involving interstate highways and bridges, such as the Interstate Bridge Replacement, I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project, and the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Project. Allocations for improved access and safety in commercial zones, downtown areas, and pivotal employment hubs across the region.
  • Investments geared toward maintaining punctuality for people, freight, and deliveries amid escalating traffic, evolving work dynamics, and the burgeoning e-commerce landscape.
  • Efforts to render transportation more cost-effective, mitigate environmental impact, and stimulate economic prospects.

This plan strategically positions the greater Portland area to tap into unparalleled federal transportation funding prospects and forthcoming state investments. By endorsing this RTP, we signal to federal partners our region’s commitment to collaboration and innovation. Moreover, this blueprint will serve as a pivotal guide for discussions in the ensuing years, steering conversations about transportation funding, transit initiatives, tolling, freight logistics, and other pertinent topics.

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