City adopts the Chamber’s Small Business Report presented by Comcast

April 2024

On April 10, the Portland Metro Chamber, in collaboration with Comcast and Prosper Portland, had the privilege of presenting our 2023 State of Small Business Report to the Portland City Council. This initiative was made possible through the generous support of Comcast’s RISE program, enabling us to shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing our vibrant small business community.

The data presented in the report served as a call to action, urging us to rally behind our small businesses and advocate for meaningful change in how the city supports them. Specifically, the Chamber is championing the establishment and branding of an Office of Small Business, alongside advocating for permitting reform.

“Time and again, we hear about the daunting hurdles small businesses face navigating regulatory processes, both within the city and beyond, “said Andrew Hoan President and CEO of the Portland Metro Chamber. “There’s a clear need for a centralized support system, akin to concierge service, to guide small businesses through these complexities.”

The engagement from the City Council during the presentation was encouraging, with Prosper Portland poised to take concrete steps towards establishing an Office of Small Business. This initiative, which will begin with the creation of two positions, marks a stride towards fostering a more customer-friendly approach within the city government, aligning with the ongoing government overhaul efforts.

The Chamber extends our gratitude to¬†Kimberly Branam, Executive Director of Prosper Portland and ex officio board director of the Chamber, for her leadership during the council presentation and her team’s committed efforts on Advance Portland.

The full presentation to the Portland City Council can be viewed online here, starting at the 1-hour and 2-minute mark.

The submitted and accepted documents to the City of Portland can be accessed here.