Member Spotlight: ProVideoMeeting

June 2023

ProVideoMeeting (PVM)

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Business Relationship Manager: Patricia Oppito | 917-520-5372 |


1. Tell us a little bit about your company

ProVideoMeeting (PVM), is a division of VideoNet. Pioneers in the online video industry since 1999, we have an extensive history of crafting reliable, easy-to-use, secure video platforms.  For over 20 years, we have created bespoke solutions for government, healthcare and industry. Our platforms also include HIPAA LINK and HIPAA Video for telehealth. “As ProVideoMeeting’s Business Relationship Manager, I am surrounded by entrepreneurs who want to make a difference by increasing the number of secure environments that are accessible online. Our team vision is about creating an inclusive, people-focused environment. A culture where individuals with ambition, curiosity, and ideas can make an impact. This is the ideology and passion that infuses our relationship with our clients.” – Patricia Oppito.


2. What do you love most about your business?

As entrepreneurs we love creating creating business tools unique to the needs of our customers.  For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, who understand the importance of branding, efficiency, and client retention. ProVideoMeeting’s integrated business tools accelerate your sales cycle. With PVM, you have your own brand’s virtual meeting room. This personal room, where you meet and work with clients, has a unique custom URL, reinforcing your brand with your client. Our affordable solutions connect companies to their clients, expanding relationships and their customer care.


3. What is something you are most looking forward to in the year ahead?

ProVideoMeeting’s team is looking forward to helping the Portland business community improve their virtual work experience. As a virtual company, we use our own tools to stay connected and work effectively. The team is always in listening mode to better understand what custom solutions and new functionality will improve the client experience and grow business outcomes. We are interested in talking to Alliance members that want a new, secure collaboration tool for B2B and B2C sales. Our secure solutions cross multiple sectors, and our clients include: sales teams, small businesses, service providers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, government agencies, nonprofits, medical providers, social workers, counselors, and more.


4. What should other Chamber members know about your business?

ProVideoMeeting’s virtual meeting tool is affordable, reliable, and simple to use. Host from your browser, with no downloads and no installation.  PVM combines enhanced video conferencing, branding, document signing, and meeting scheduling to create an all-in-one, simple solution for busy entrepreneurs and service providers. Our current member to member deal is Two Months free + 50% off the rest of the year (2023).  (Code = PORTLANDBA)

Need help? Have questions? Ready for a demo? Patricia Oppito, fellow Chamber member, is here to help you learn how to succeed with ProVideoMeeting.