Video Forum: Portland’s Tight Labor Market

September 2021

It is no secret that Portland—and the country at-large—is struggling with a very tight labor market. As businesses attempt to rebound from the pandemic, there simply aren’t enough workers to fill open positions. To point: the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced data that showed that the ratio of unemployed workers to job openings fell to 0.9 as of the end of June.
This month’s Video Forum will tackle the challenge of our regional labor shortages. Our panelists will discuss the scope of the problem, prognosticate on how long these shortages will last, and offer solutions for organizations that need to bring on new talent in order to grow.
Orlando Williams, Chief Executive & Equity Officer, Motus Recruiting and Staffing
Bridget Dazey, Executive Director, Clackamas Workforce Partnership
Gail Krumenauer, State Employment Economist, State of Oregon
Andrew McGough, Executive Director, Worksystems
Kevin Perkey, Executive Director, Workforce SW Washington

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