Why USMCA matters for Oregon

July 2019

Trade is critical to the state of Oregon. Not only does our trading relationships help keep prices lower for consumers, it also directly supports Oregon jobs. In fact, 154,000 jobs are supported thanks to trade with Canada and Mexico in 2017. Free Trade Agreements like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will continue to support jobs in Oregon and provide consumers with competitive pricing. That is why we are proud to be part of the USMCA Coalition.

The USMCA Coalition is a national cross-industry organization that was launched in February 2019 to advocate for the passage of the USMCA. The Coalition includes more than 200 companies and about 300 associations from across the country, including the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA).

The group has brought unlikely allies together under the unified cause of protecting free trade with our neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Urban and rural, high-tech and tourism, all working to secure the U.S. ratification of the USMCA.

Several co-chairs representing a variety of industries including UPS, Supply Chain, Citi, FCA-North America, Cargill, and Cummins lead this group. The coalition mobilizes members to better advocate for USMCA.

Learn more about the USMCA Coalition.