Operations Director, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe

Steve Wytcherley


Steve joined the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe team as the Director of Operations in February 2022 where he oversees the Public Safety, Janitorial and Street Outreach programs in the Enhanced Services District.

Originally from England with a BSc in Disaster Management, Steve’s career began in international humanitarian aid work with almost a decade living in Asia. His work focused on responding to complex disasters, and building community development programs in Southern China, Northern Thailand, and along the Myanmar border.

After relocating to the U.S. in 2007, Steve continued to manage programs in various countries travelling from headquarter offices in Portland until 2015 when he transitioned from international programs to focus on working here in the U.S.

After completing his M.B.A., project management roles included co-establishing a successful eye care business, serving as the Director of Programs for a statewide anti-hunger organization increasing access to federal and state nutritional programs for underserved communities, and working for the City of Portland as a Crime Prevention Program Administrator partnering with businesses, City Bureaus, and nonprofit organizations improving safety and livability for communities across the City.

Steve feels excited that his career experiences coalesce very well in serving as the Director of Operations, helping to keep the district clean and safe for all who live, work, visit and play in Downtown. He is passionate about working together from a posture of respect, mutuality, and service to one another, and loves to read about anything and everything.